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Louise Skeen

28 Day Food For Life Plan

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 Congratulations on taking part in my 28 Day Food for Life Plan. To be here tells me what you are currently doing is not working the way you want it to, you have lost your motivation and discipline and are now needing a kickstart to get back on track or, you are wanting to “tidy up” your meal choices and serve sizes to allow yourself to keep moving forward.

 Whatever your reason to take part in this 28 Day Food For Life Plan, I need you to understand that this IS NOT A DIET. This is not something you go on for 28 days and then when finished, you fill the pantry with high processed, low nutrition, refined foods that simply send you right back to where you are today.

My 28 Day Food for Life Plan is an introduction, a taste (if you will) to the disciplines and principles that best serve you if you are wanting: 

  • A balanced gut
  • To manage your weight
  • Lots of energy
  • No joint inflammation
  • Regular blood pressure
  • Improved sleep
  • And more…..

What you choose to eat and drink is just that, your choice. There is an abundance of foods available to you but it’s understanding what foods serve you best because depending on what you choose, foods and meals contain different levels of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

So, to be on my 28 Day Food For Life Plan means that something needs to change. Some habit or belief around food or beverages requires a different approach otherwise, if you keep doing what you currently are doing, you will obviously remain the same.

Permanent change doesn’t come easy. It will happen when you appreciate that food’s purpose (food includes beverages) is to nourish you. Not fill your tummy and make you feel satisfied or uncomfortable. Not kill the sugar craving that may occur many times a day. Food is fuel. It is the petrol that runs through our engine and gives us the energy to move forward. Unlike a vehicle though, filling the tank