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Louise Skeen

10 Secrets To Ageing in Reverse

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When you were in your youth, teens, twenties, and thirties, your health was probably taken for granted. Let’s face it, you were young and building your life around a million distractions, so unless you experienced an unforeseen health issue or were born with adversity that required you to focus on your health, you most probably felt well, and so got on with your life.


And I’m not suggesting that if you are in your forties, fifties, sixties or beyond that you can’t continue to move through your days without feeling well, but I believe it’s important you make yourself aware of possible shifts to your health which may result from the greatest change to your hormones since puberty – Perimenopause and Menopause.


To age is a gift. Many people haven’t, and won’t experience that gift that you are living now. I write this book to remind you that ageing doesn’t need to steal your energy nor stir up concern. Ageing shouldn’t be something you fear because you have everything in your power to take control of your hormones, control the way you feel, the way you think, the way you move, and the choices you make around fueling your body.


Now that my age is closer to sixty than it is to fifty, and having gone into menopause at forty-seven years of age even though I have been working in the health and fitness industry since I was fifteen, it pleasures me to be able to share with you my 10 top secrets to living well and feeling like I’m twenty years younger than the birthday’s I have clocked up.


I want you to reignite your energy and feel so much younger than you might right now, and it’s possible if you make a conscious effort to follow habits and strategies that benefit your mind, your body, and your overall health.


10 secrets in ageing in reverse


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Discover How To Reprogram Your Age And Body So You Feel 20 Years Younger

Women do so much, for so many people, for so long.... and one day the fatigue, brain fog, mental struggles, body pain, sleepless nights and lack of motivation take their toll.

Women ask.... "is this all there is for me?"My answer.... "No Way!, You can feel, look and be amazing IF you decide that's what you want for yourself"

This 10 Secrets To Ageing In Reverse e-book outlines the many changes you experience within your body after the age of 40, re-inforce there's nothing wrong with you, gives you tips and strategies to fell younger and stop feeling bogged down, prepare you for your future years and what ageing symptoms to watch out for, plus build your self confidence so you feel you're back in control, significant, and stress free!

This book is a new age bible for new age women.